Our proactive search process uncovers hidden sellers.

Finding a company to buy is tough.  Instead of taking time out of your day to find, qualify, and pursue companies to purchase, you can trust our team to do the legwork for you.

If you’re ready for help with a targeted search, we’d be happy to spend some time getting to know you, your company and your goals.

During our no-obligation, low pressure, get-to-know each other chat, we’ll show you:

  • How to create a systematic and strategic approach to uncover companies to pursue.
  • How to determine a fair value for various companies in the marketplace.
  • How to show business owners that you’re serious, motivated and qualified to buy their company.
  • Ways to uncover hidden and “off-market” opportunities.
  • How professional business brokers manage a transaction and save you time and money.
  • What kinds of clients and deals we typically get the best results with.

When you retain MSBBA to conduct your search, you benefit from our nationwide network of contacts and decades of experience evaluating businesses large and small.

We’ve invested thousands of hours to identify, contact, and cultivate relationships with “Main Street” business owners throughout the Mountain States and in virtually every middle-market industry across America. It’s likely we’ve already uncovered opportunities you could never find on your own. And all you need to do to access them is contact us today.

Our clients will tell you that we are match makers, not salesmen. A business transaction is much more like arranging for a marriage than it is selling a piece of property or a used car. Your success is of utmost important to us. We take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals…while taking a personal stake in your success.

Buying or selling a company is not easy. Because of this, you need a trusted advisor to help bring parties together to help your deal get across the finish line. A successful business transaction requires strategy, guidance, smart leadership, and finding a deal that works for all parties…sellers, buyers, you, and us.

What kind of company do you really want to buy?

We spend time with you to determine what kind of company is the best fit for you.

Factors considered include type and size of business, number of employees, location, and lifestyle considerations.

How are we going to find hidden sellers and avoid an “auction” scenario?

Create an initial target list of targets. Sources include B2B databases, industry associations, and other professional business advisors.

Our proactive multi-channel marketing process includes multiple rounds of direct mail, e-mail, and telephone solicitations.

How do we help you create the right deal?

We interview all candidates to gauge motivation, price expectations, and fit with your criteria before meeting with you.

When you find a business you want to pursue, we help you negotiate a Letter of Intent to outline basic deal structure and terms.

How do we help you cross the finish line?

Once the terms are in place, we help you work with your attorney and accountant to complete due diligence and closing documents.

As the closing date approaches, we help verify final due diligence tasks and any other last minute items.

Our proactive deal-flow process uncovers hidden deals before other buyers find them. The best way to find a business to buy is by getting to business owners before they are ready to go on the open market.  Using our unique,  multi-channel marketing and follow-up management system finds you sellers before they reach the M&A auction block.  Our team conducts detailed research, persistent contacts with target companies, and professional relationships with sellers and their advisors.

You save time and money by focusing on your business while we conduct a search. Our multi-step seller screening process eliminates unrealistic and unmotivated sellers.  You save time because we weed out the dreamers and you only meet with sellers that fit your criteria.

We act as your buffer to keep your negotiating power. We are the first point of contact for potential sellers.  This keeps you free to run your daily activities without the burden of interruptions and distractions from overzealous sellers.  You are protected from having to be the bad guy and having to tell a seller that his business isn’t a match or his asking price is way too high.  This allows you to keep a calm, rational, and objective approach to negotiating a transaction.

Our proven approach follows a system to identify, contact, and analyze seller candidates. By following a proven system, we help increase your chances of a successful transaction.  Our unique and hands-on approach allows us to present you with summary reports of potential deals.  We show you a summary of the business operations, recast financial statements, motivation of the seller, and opportunities for growth of the business.  You’ll see a uniform summary of each business and then can decide if it is worth pursuing.

We sift through deals offered by intermediaries, M&A firms and business brokers. Occasionally, we may find a deal that is a great match for you, but it is tied up in a listing contract with an intermediary or a broker.  Our approach helps you avoid the high-pressure, stalling, and other tactics of the intermediary.  We will quickly point out potential problem areas with these deals and make sure your interests are addressed.

We help keep the deal moving towards closing. We help you coordinate with your attorney, accountant, the seller’s team to help you negotiate and close a deal that works for you.  This keeps the right people involved at the right time while managing your costs.

I’ve been trying to find a business to buy for several months. It seems like everything is overpriced or is in financial trouble.  Where can I find attractive businesses to buy?

I know what kind of business I would like to purchase.  How do I show the owner that I’m serious, motivated and qualified to buy his company?

Other businesses in my industry have been selling lately, but I keep missing out on the best deals. How do I get in front of these sellers before anybody else does?

I definitely want to buy a business.  In fact, I look at deals from time-to-time when they cross my desk.  How do I create a systematic and strategic approach to finding a business to buy?