Mountain States Business Brokers & Advisors
(a division of Front Range Business Brokers, Inc. )

Carpe Diem

The world is ever-changing and Mountain States Business Brokers & Advisors, along with yours truly, is no exception.

It is well established that Mountain States Business Brokers & Advisors and Front Range Business Brokers are two of Colorado’s oldest and best-known brands and over the last four decades have probably been involved in more successful business transitions in Northern Colorado than all the rest combined. We have watched others come and go. We have worked together on projects and in professional organizations for years and have gained a high level of mutual respect. Our goals, ethics and approach to buyers and sellers are highly compatible, always placing our clients’ interests first.

As the founders of both firms began to age, we also saw the need for younger and more energetic leadership to meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace. Although it took more than a day, over the course of the last year all of this has fallen into place and the timing seemed right to combine the brands under new, younger leadership. Although no one is planning to retire, the new combined brands will move forward under the leadership of Bill Scott, a seasoned business owner and experienced business broker and intermediary.

All of our Mountain States brokers, including me, are still highly active and are not planning to go anywhere any time soon (except that I did move to Cheyenne about a year ago). Our contact information will stay the same and we will still be there to help you buy, sell and grow your business. Personally, I will be able to spend more time doing what I enjoy and do best, collaborating with clients and guiding transitions, instead of managing the business every day, which can be a lot like herding cats at times.

We look forward to serving our many clients, friends and referral sources for many years to come.

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