Interested In Growing Your Business Or Developing A Transition Plan?

We at Mountain States are fierce proponents of our economic system that has created the world’s leading economy.   We are honored to work with Small Business Owners in this great economic system, as they drive and are responsible for the majority of the creativity & innovation. Small businesses account for more than 50% of this economic system through their successful navigation of the tremendous changes the world is experiencing and the opportunities it creates.

We are living in exponential times.  For the business owners stuck working IN their business, this increasingly fast paced change represents a clear and present threat!  And, for the business owners who works ON their business, it is a clear and present opportunity.

Planning is critical in building and protecting your business from change – expected and unexpected.  As General Eisenhower once stated, ““…plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”.   Our team is honored to work with clients in their planning through personal, one-on-one interaction with each business owner client to address the major issues involved in the growth and value of his or her business.

Additionally, we present seminars and workshops on “Navigating the Headwinds of Change” and “What’s in Your Plan?” in support of your effective planning and to help ensure you are engaged with your business, your market and your opportunities.  These are not just talk though!  You will engage and complete the first draft of your own indispensable plan to help you convert the threats of expected and unexpected change into opportunities.

These seminars are developed by our team whose background includes a University Professor of Engineering & Economics, Vice President of two global companies, small business owners, former Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, commercial real estate brokerage and property management, and all are former business owners themselves in a broad variety of industries.

For a personal and CONFIDENTIAL interview to discuss how we can best help you achieve your goals, please contact us.

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