Sell Your Business

When it’s time to sell your business do you want “a” buyer, or the “right” buyer; “an” offer or “multiple” offers? Do you want to settle for the one offer you received, or do you want the best price possible?

Competition is the key to both finding the right buyer and the right price. And they are not necessarily the same. The best way to find that competition, while not letting the entire world including your employees and customers know you are for sale, is to seek help from a professional business broker.

We have been helping business owners find that combination of buyer and price since 1994. We have “been around the block” you might say and have become very adept at sorting out the tire kickers from the serious buyers. You have spent years or decades building a successful business and you not only deserve to be rewarded financially, but you also want to see it continue and thrive while enjoying the beaches of the world. We have spent decades guiding business owners through the the process of passing their businesses on, whether to an outside buyer, management or family.

There are three basic steps in the ownership transition process:

  1. establish an expected selling price range if sold today,
  2. identify ways to make the business worth more, and
  3. make it more attractive and worth more to potential buyers.

We do far more than just post your business on business for sale websites and hope for some action. We do all we can to make your business stand out from all the other businesses for sale in Colorado. Ad wording, especially in the fast-paced internet world of today has to get attention, create interest and inspire action in seconds with the fewest words possible.

And we do a lot more, starting with a search of our proprietary database of over 2,500 potential buyers who have already signed our confidentiality agreement. We also search out potential buyers within your industry or within related industries looking for ways to diversify, add locations or enter new markets.

Our goal is to provide you with maximum exposure- CONFIDENTIALLY. Very often if the word gets out that your business is for sale, customers will assume the worst and shop elsewhere and employees will assume they are going to be “downsized” and start looking for a new job when job security is a primary concern of the new owner. The new owner will be more dependent on the employees than you are.

Call us today for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation on how we can help you meet all your business transition goals.


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