This cleaning service works exclusively new home builders.  They provide one of the finishing touches before a home can be shown and sold.  Quality work and reliability are absolutely essential.  This business has developed the relationships and proven itself to be dependable under the most challenging circumstances.

Cleaning sounds like a commodity business in which the guy (or gal) with the lowest price gets the job.  This is definitely not the case with homebuilders.  Homebuilders have a million things on their mind. They don’t have time to babysit their cleaning service.  They want a professional job done on time with no need for callbacks.

Although this firm is one of the largest cleaning services specializing in new home construction, they have a small share of the market. The business is ideally suited for someone to build on its strong foundation and really grow the business.

Asking Price: $450000

Revenue: $583407

Listing Reference: 4108-BM