This is not your ordinary auto repair business. The owner is not only not “under the car”, but he also isn’t even in town. This thriving and growing business (10% during COVID) yielded a 28-34% bottom line on the business & real estate package every year for the past 3 years with minimal input and infrequent visits from the owner. Great staff and management and they are capable of handling any vehicle from gas powered compacts to over-the-road diesels. Their sweet spot is the light & medium duty trucks that is a growing market in their area. They really have it all covered; general auto/truck repair, diesel injection pump rebuilding, over-the-counter parts sales and diesel emission testing. Great growth opportunities for a more engaged owner. There’s nothing else like it on the Front Range.

Asking Price: $1800000

Revenue: $1108000

Cashflow: $313000

Listing Reference: 4166-BM