Owning a business like this in one of Colorado’s most popular year around resorts is a dream come true. Over 20-years of quality printing service to area businesses and residents has made them invincible to any new competition and accounts for about 70% of revenue with great margins. They ship by UPS, FedEx, USPS and freight and are not locked into any one carrier. They also have over 100 private mail boxes, all rented. The owners spend less and less time working in the business anymore with a capable staff handling everything with very little employee turnover in the last few years. The area is growing and so is this landmark business. Everyone knows them and their reputation for service. We don’t expect it to be on the market very long. And the real estate could be purchased as well.

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Asking Price: $549000

Revenue: $742500

Cashflow: $185600

Listing Reference: 4133-BM