This is northern Colorado’s oldest Commercial Refrigeration sales and service business selling refrigeration equipment, ice makers, and HVAC equipment as well as servicing the same. They also service and install environmental chambers, cryogenic freezers, laboratory equipment, and chillers used in research, medical, and other fields. The current owner started with the company in 1988 as a service technician and quickly worked his way up to general manager. He bought the business with a partner and bought the partner out in 2005. This business has boundless potential as it is considered the “go to” business in everything commercial refrigeration oriented in northern Colorado. They receive calls on a weekly basis from national companies asking them to do installations or troubleshooting on new equipment in the region. They are the service provider for the Wendy’s and McDonalds restaurants in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming and are the sole refrigeration service provider for Cargill’s research laboratory in Ft Collins. They also sold and installed all the refrigeration equipment for the Noosa Yogurt plant in Bellvue, Colorado.

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Asking Price: $825000

Revenue: $1183000

Cashflow: $386000

Listing Reference: 4148-BM